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Workshops on December 30, 2022

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Spirituality, faith, church and religion

A1A time of silence, with opportunity for personal conversation and confessionThis offer takes place from 2.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.!Kirche St. Thomas Morus 
Thomas-Morus-Str. 4, 18106 Rostock
A11Strong in Crisis and Strong in LifeHow do the biblical Psalms of lament deal with life crises? What do they tell us about helplessness and anxiety, what ambivalences do they have to deal with, and how do they take us along in the struggle for meaning and hope? With Judith Gärtner, professor of Old Testament at the theological faculty of Rostock.Kirche Sankt Michaelis Altbettelmönchstraße 4, 18055 Rostock
A4“Our life and striving should become a reflection of Jesus.“ (Sister Gertraud von Bullion)An encounter with your own identity and the faith in Jesus Christ. How can we understand and see ourselves as a gift from God? Different types of mirrors help us to do this. With the Catholic Youth of Mecklenburg.Don-Bosco-Grundschule Mendelejewstraße 19, 18059 Rostock
A5StoryLab – listen, create and discover storiesPause, listen to a story, get creative alone or with others. Play with words or sounds, build with wooden or digital bricks, paint with colours or sand. Discover together the artworks of the others. Limited number of places! Only with pre-registration via the app.Rostocker Freizeitzentrum Kuphalstraße 77, 18069 Rostock
A6Strengthening one’s own sense of dignityEncouraging conversations about non-respect of boundaries, sexual assault, spiritual abuse and safeguarding in Taizé, in the Church and in everyday life. With Brother Francis and Brother Matthew (Taizé), Klaus Schmidt (Protestant Psychological Counselling Centre Schwerin) and Claire Jonard (Catholic Youth Ministry in Switzerland). Kolping Begegnungszentrum Lichtenhagen 
Eutiner Str. 20, 18109 Rostock
A9“Shabbat Shalom!” A visit to the Synagogue of RostockTalks, songs and dances. With Rabbi Yuriy Kadnykov, with the chairman of the Jewish community Yuri Rosov and other members of the community. „Augustenstraße 20, 18055 Rostock
A10Visit to the Loc Uyen Meditation CentreHouse tour, short explanation about Buddhism and inner peace. Opportunity to meditate for five to ten minutes. With nun Thien My.Wolgaster Straße 17, 18109 Rostock

Society and politics

B8Togetherness, trust, democracyWhat strengthens democracy in Europe? What can motivate young adults to get involved in politics? With Bettina Martin, Minister for Science, Culture and Europe of the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Steffen Bockhahn, Senator for Youth and Social Affairs and Second Deputy Mayor of the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock.Foyer des Rathauses 
Neuer Markt 1a, 18055 Rostock
B9How to pray in times of war? Voices from UkraineMeeting with young people from Ukraine, Bishop Bohdan Dziurakh, Apostolic Exarch for Ukrainian Greek Catholics in Germany and Scandinavia, Olha Tsheriomushkina, artist from Mariupol, and Vira Makovska.Christuskirche
Häktweg 4-6, 18057 Rostock
B3“Through hospitality, some have welcomed angels without knowing it.”Refugees in North-East Germany: challenges and experiences. With Asem from Syria, Rozhan from Iraq, Mariam from Iran, as well as people responsible for work with refugees. What can we all do to improve the situation of refugees across Europe?Baptisten-Gemeinde
Hermannstraße 15, 18055 Rostock
B4The Climate Crisis: a common challengeWhy does our commitment matter? How can we contribute to solving the crisis? After a short input, Johann-Georg, Henri and Noa (climate and political activists in Rostock) want to discuss approaches and perspectives with you.Don-Bosco-Schule 
Kurt-Tucholsky-Str. 16A, 18055 Rostock
B5War and peaceWhat does the war in Ukraine mean for Europe and how do we deal with it? Has war again become a legitimate means of enforcing political interests? What are the conditions for lasting peace? With military youth officer Captain Meike Bauersfeld and protestant deacon and author Lars Engelbrecht.Saal Wismar Rotunde, Hanse Messe 
Zur Hansemesse 1-2, 18106 Rostock
B6On the path of reconciliation between nations and generationsWhat is needed to heal wounds caused by hatred, war, flight and expulsion? With Krzysztof Kruszyński from Bojków/Gliwice in Poland and Cornelia Stieler from Leipzig in Germany, whose family comes from Schönwald, today’s Bojków/Gliwice.Evangelische Kita Schatzkiste
Lagerstraße 17, 18055 Rostock
B7When fundamental rights are at stakeFundamental rights are increasingly questioned and restricted by authoritarian governments, populist movements and large corporations. Experiencing the importance of fundamental and human rights in a playful way and sharing about the situation of democracy in the European countries. With Karl-Georg Ohse, project manager of “Church Supports Democracy”.Gemeindesaal St. Thomas Morus 
Thomas-Morus-Str. 4, 18106 Rostock

Music, art and nature

C5“As you are” – A concert to sing along withTrying out new songs together: melodies to enjoy, lyrics with depth, catchy tunes to take away. With the band of the Rostock Youth Church (conducted by Andreas Braun) and Thomas Braun (viol/flugelhorn). Apart from joy in singing together, no special skills are required.Petrikirche, Gustav-Adolf-Saal 
Alter Markt 1, 18055 Rostock
C2Art despite Exclusion – Art defies ExclusionAn exhibition rejecting xenophobia and ideologies of alleged inequality of people. Encounters with artworks that motivate viewers to work for an open, diverse and inclusive society. With Pastor Willfrid Knees.Societät Rostock maritim e.V. August-Bebel Str. 1, 18055 Rostock
C3#together in silenceA sign for peaceful coexistence, freedom and democratic values. Creating together a colorful picture that stands for solidarity, respect, human dignity, justice and tolerance under the guidance of street artist Alexander Kalfa.HanseMesse Rostock Haupteingang
C4Sensory and cognitive ecology and neuroethology in sealsWhat sensory abilities do seals have and how are they used for orientation? Where are sensory stimuli processed in the brain? With biologist Nina Wengst from the Marine Science Center. Warm clothes needed. Limited number of places! Only with pre-registration via the app.13:55 an der S-Bahn Lütten-Klein für Abfahrt um 14:03 Richtung Warnemünde

Guided city tours

D2Courage in Rostock`s modern historyDuring the Third Reich and the Communist dictatorship, Rostock was the scene of some violent clashes. A trip through 20th century Rostock which commemorates the efforts of the people who fought for survival and their rights. With Konstantin Krieter.Start am Alten Markt
D3A guided tour of Rostock’s historical city centerImportant sights: 
Kröpeliner Tor, St. Mary’s church with its astronomical clock, Holy Cross cloister. With Dr Marian Löbler.
Start am Kröpeliner Tor
D6A walk through Rostock’s historyLearn how the city grew and changed in the Middle Ages and see some of its architectural highlights. With Bieny von Maltzan.Start an der Marienkirche
D7Historical RostockA walk along the city wall with Barbara Bülow.Start an der Petrikirche
D5ROSTOCK – Do you know where you are?An interactive tour of the city mit Tabea Göckeritz.Start an der Petrikirche
D8Tour guided by Gudrun Köster.The participants choose what they want to see.Start am Möwenbrunnen auf dem Neuen Markt

For children and young people

E1Don Bosco Grundschule Mendelejewstraße 19A, 18059 Rostock
E2Taizé-Bauwagen im IGA-Park

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